Why the teenager doesn’t want to do the driving license…

The first thing (or the second one - after having a party) most of people do when they turn 18 yo in Europe is to sign up for a driving course.
But not me. A long time I justified myself by the lack of time, focusing on final exams. But now I have holidays, I have time and everyone around me say that I really SHOULD start my driving course. And I realized that I don’t want. Maybe it’s weird because I’m one of the fans of Top Gear, maybe because I would like to spend a day doing off-road racing or jeep safari. Let me explain. I think that I’d be a terrible driver (I get nervous and stressed terribly fast, a few years ago I tried to start the car and it didn’t work). I’m afraid that my driving instructor would be pissed off at me. What’s more, I don’t think that I need a driving license. I complain about public transport but in car I would complain about traffic jams. I agree that it would facilitate access to horse riding. This is the only thing which needs car. It’s often faster to go to the city by public transport and if you drink a beer with friends in the evening you can go by taxi, not afraid to leave own car somewhere. And one small part of me wants to spite all these people who are pushing me to do the course.
Ok, I know, many of my friends would like to replace. They worked to earn money for the course, and now they have a driving license and doesn’t have a car. My parents would pay for a course, I would also have a  possibility to use a car. but so what? If driving schools would offer courses for off-road riding, I’d be enrolled. However, I can’t imagine myself on the road. I would like to be younger, not old enough to have a driving license.

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1. Animals, Nickelback

2. Let her go, Passenger

3. Magic in the air, Magic System

4. Drunk, Ed Sheeran

5. Hey Brother, Avicii

6. You better die young, Nomy

7. Counting Stars, One Republic

8. Crushcrushcrush, Paramore

9. Rockstar, Nickelback

10.I Follow Rivers, Lykke li

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