My thoughts about SGP in Wisła

At the beginning, I have to say that they were the worst competitions in Wisła I’ve ever been. But they still gave me some positive emotions and fun.

1) bad organization

I have to admit that after a few e-mails I had a bad perception and worse attitude than last year. I really wanted to be a volunteer… Anyway, being objective, the organization this year was really poor. Why they were handing out “tickets” for open training when they let come in all people? I was one of the fans who didn’t understand why one day they let stand next to barriers and the other we couldn’t. Why after competitions, when most of ski jumpers (or every ski jumper) wanted to give autographs we still couldn’t stay there. And the worst thing. Why they didn’t check tickets before going to sitting places? As a result there weren’t places and I couldn’t sit with my family. Some people who bought sitting places couldn’t sit and people from standing places sat. I also don’t understand why some security guards couldn’t move a meter the ski jumper was passing.

2) weather

was the next annoying thing. The rain was becoming when the trial round started. Because of that, I almost didn’t take photos. What’s more when it didn’t rain it was too hot to do anything.

3) new system

Let’s start with the fact that half of the fans didn’t know that the qualification was the first round. They didn’t understand new rules. Before competition I analyzed new system but on the hill I also can’t understand it. Ok, maybe it’s a good idea when you’re watching tv with your mobile phone on which you have groups schedule. Maybe it’s interesting. But when you’re on the hill you don’t know who is in which group and how much point he has. As one of the fans said: as I started watching ski jumping the thing which mattered was distance. Soon you will need to have a university degree to understand rules of this sport.

4) people

On the one hand I really want people to get interested in this sport. I encourage my friends to watch it. On the other hand, crowd of people annoys me. I always consider fans of ski jumping as very cultural. They were helpful and friendly. However, this year some of them disappointed me. People were pushing when they saw the best ones etc.

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